HVO Fuel: What Are The FAQs About This Fuel

HVO fuel is a newer and way better alternative to biodiesel. Also, this has numerous OEMs and these engines also do not need any alterations to be able to use it. And since HVO fuel is completely interchangeable, potential users can mix it with diesel at any percentage they want, with no expected side effects. However, many people are still wary of switching since they don’t know much about it.

If you are one of them, then you might want to check out this article. Listed below are several FAQs that will help you understand more about this fuel.

Why choose HVO?

  • With renewable feedstocks such as plant and food waste, HVO users can reduce their carbon emissions by up to 90% well to wheel.
  • HVO fuel UK wide greatly reduces the Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM). This consequently improves the quality of the air around the area, making it better and healthier for the people working where the fuel is being used.
  • HVO is more stable than conventional diesel products when stored and lasts longer in the tank which in turn reduces the risk of water ingress, microbial growth and overall risk of contamination.
  • With a freezing point of -40oC, there are no concerns over performance through winter compared with traditional forms of biodiesel.

What is Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)?

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil or HVO fuel UK wide is a biofuel produced from animal fats and vegetable oils. HVO can be made using a special method of hydrotreatment. Due to its source material, it is considered a renewable diesel, and it’s known for having a longer shelf life than other biodiesel such as green diesel and unmodified vegetable oil.

How is HVO produced?

HVO takes fatty acid feedstock such as vegetable oils, waste fats from animals or cooking, and some alternative oils like jatropha or algae, and puts them through a hydro-processing treatment. The acids go through hydrotreatment. To produce paraffin and cycloalkanes from unsaturated compounds, this element utilises hydrogen. These less reactive and more stable compounds then undergo hydrocracking or isomerisation, which heightens the quality of the fuels.

How is HVO Fuel different from other diesel fuels?

HVO fuel price fairly can provide numerous benefits especially since it’s environmentally good. A recent study showed that the use of HVO reduces carbon monoxide and dioxide as well as hydrocarbons without requiring any mechanical modifications. However, the same study revealed that the rate of nitrous oxide emissions from HVO fuel was unclear. While it remains the more eco-friendly alternative to diesel, it still has some environmental impact.

What Is HVO Fuel?

HVO fuel signifies Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. It’s a type of renewable diesel that is mainly utilised by those in the construction and agricultural industry. It is a biodiesel fuel alternative that’s FAME-free, fossil-free, and environmentally friendly. Thus, it is an excellent eco fuel substitute for red diesel or mineral diesel, as it can be used with a wide range of OEM approvals in modern vehicles, agricultural vehicles, generators, construction machinery and Industrial power systems.

What Are The Benefits?


  • Lower Emissions – Gas emissions and harmful elements can be lowered up to 90% with HVO fuel price fairly cheap
  • Ordering Online Here - Biofuels like HVO last longer in the tank than mineral or red diesel
  • Easy-Switch – Compared to regular diesel, HVO delivers the same performance, uses the same tanks, is stored the same way, and is competitively priced
  • Eco-Friendly Deliveries – We offset all carbon associated with your order, free of charge
  • Convenience of Speedy – It’s simpler with us; all you have to do is top-up to reorder



  • Safer Performance – The high quality of alternative fuels can give you better handling and stability of vehicles, as well as a cleaner burn
  • Improved Site Air Quality – Compared to mineral and red diesel, biofuels like the HVO would last longer in properly maintained tanks
  • Better Brand Image – HVO biodiesel can significantly reduce your annual carbon footprint, improving brand image and making your company more attractive to customers and investors


You should now have an idea of the numerous benefits you can gain from using HVO fuel. There’s no doubt that this fuel can greatly increase the performance of your engines. Based on independent tests, this can also produce the same energy output as B7 forecourt diesel with 10% less fuel. This proves how superior HVO fuel is.

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